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What do you do for one of the largest tech conferences in Europe? You make sure that everyone’s talking about it.



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July - October 2018


Event PR


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The brief

This is a sample summary of the brief that Bits & Pretzels approached Laika Communications with this year. It was about orchestrating media attention and the PR campaign from Bits & Pretzels, handling media invites and relationships and making sure that everyone between 5 and 95 heard about Bits & Pretzels in Germany, Europe and the world.

An additional short summary of the challenge, the expected outcome and where we saw the strengths of the company/product/project to focus on.


The campaign

Here is a short description of the ideas for the campaign and what the execution looked like. The description can definitely be a bit longer, up to three paragraphs. In between we can include anything that we want like tweets, videos and quotes from the client like this:

And afterwards we can continue with the outcome of the campaign. At the end of the description, we will highlight the achieved numbers to show how much traction we were able to create.


“Working with Laika was a startup dream come true. They didn’t just get what we wanted to achieve in an instant - they made it happen in the most organic way possible.”

Andreas Bruckschlögl, Founder Bits & Pretzels


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Thank you, Bits & Pretzels!

It’s been a pleasure to work with you!