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The retention booster: Introducing zenloop to the DACH market





February 2018 - ongoing


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The brief

When zenloop approached our Laika founder Ela in February 2018 the challenge was clear: Introduce the new SaaS startup of former Flaconi co-founder Paul Schwarzenholz as successfully as possible. Not an easy task in the crowded startup and B2B software market. Further, while being a prominent key metric in the US, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) that zenloop bases its business model on, wasn’t that well-known in DACH yet. The objektive therefore was to also educate media and market and to explain the importance of this metric for ecommerce businesses in the German speaking markets.


The campaign

In close collaboration with the zenloop co-founder Paul Schwarzenholz we developed messaging and strategy for zenloop’s initial communications. We also advised on building the zenloop website press section, developed all press package basics and setup target media and event lists for the young company.

To publicly launch zenloop after this stealth mode we decided to give the companys founding story as an exclusive to one of our top tier media targets: t3n. As this media outlet is read by many ecommerce professionals, digital talents and investors alike, we saw a great fit to attract potential customers, employees and investors all at the same time. And we’ve been right: Not only was the article shared and picket up by other media, also zenloop manifested that way in the minds of potential customers and partners - even months after the article release, it was brought up with the zenloop team, when they visited trade fairs.

To keep the momentum alive and zenloop present in media and minds, we continued after this launch with thought leadership content, customer case studies, speaker applications, media relations during dmexco as well as data stories from the rich dataset of zenloop’s system. We flexibly adjust around the zenloop news pipeline, internal ressources and business goals, by not charging a retainer, but billing per hour. An approach we often chose with just launched startups as we know how important flexible contract terms are for them.


“Get quote from Paul.”

Paul Schwarzenholz, CEO & Co-founder zenloop


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Thank you, zenloop!

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