We are Ready for Take-Off!


For the last ten months we’ve been quietly working on something new. We brought together a small team of creatives capable of combining PR and marketing tactics to create and execute meaningful campaigns.

In translation: We put a couple of like-minded people together who get along very well and then we got to work for our first +20 clients from Germany, Europe and the US. Without a website, no business cards and just with enthusiasm and passion for our clients projects we managed to:

  • Attract international media attendance for Bits&Pretzels

  • Introduce FEMNA, kinderkiez, Neuron Soundware, Primalbase and SENS to the German market

  • Support Skyroam and Atmotube with product PR throughout ITB and IFA

  • Create storytelling and consumer campaigns for navabi

  • Successfully communicate an investment round for IDnow and zipjet

Now that we have everything up and running, we are happy to say publicly: We exist and Laika Communications is a thing now.