Hi, we are Laika.
We get you attention

We are a team of communication professionals, working with a variety of enterprises and startups to put them into the spotlight.

Transparency is key in our work and we are proud of our close relationships with clients. So, if you are looking for a communications partner who works alongside your team, let’s have a chat.


Maybe you don't know us, but you surely know our clients.


Our clients trust us with one of the most valuable assets that a company has: their reputation. We work closely with a selected group of companies and help them to create public awareness for their causes, work and products across different industries.


Find out how we can help grow and foster attention


We are a creative agency with principles.

  1. We are lean on purpose
    We didn't start Laika to turn it into an agency with hundreds of employees and large overheads. We'd much rather stay lean, efficient and offer a dedicated and personal service to our clients.

  2. Transparency and honesty are our foundation
    Being honest and transparent can be tough, but we believe that there’s no other way to build a truly productive and successful relationship. We speak up when we believe in something – and we know that our clients appreciate it.

  3. We care for and about each other
    This is more on a personal note. We started Laika because we believe that people who care for their work, each other and others create the best results - while having fun along the way. We value work-life balance and flexible working time models. But, of course, there’s always Ela that you can reach out to.