June Update: More People, (a Lot) More Space, Same Amount of Dogs

The red and exhausted faces of fellow Berliners tell us summer has arrived and with it came some sweet changes for our Laika team. One of it being that we have a new colleague amongst us. Isabelle is the newest addition to our PR squad and we are really happy to have her with us. Because of her German and French roots, Isabelle happens to be fluent in both languages. She is a wonderful fit for Laika as tech and especially smart cities and consumer electronics are topics she takes a serious interest in. She studied communications and international relations respectively in Lille and Strasbourg. This is also where she started to help organize events like exhibitions, jubilees or student parties. Events also played a big part during her time at Business France Deutschland so it follows that this is going to be her working emphasis here at Laika. But of course, she is skilled beyond this particular part of public relations. Isabelle is also going to manage social media endeavors and finetune her video creation and editing skills.

More about Isabelle

To round off her profile we let you in on some of her interests beyond work. One of her lil’ hobbies is hunting down unexpected  or cool new places in Berlin and elsewhere with the help of Google maps. Generally, she likes being on the move always looking out for new travel destinations, different cultures and other things that need discovering. After one of her expeditions, she recovers by doing yoga or climbing up walls aka bouldering.

When Isabelle is not helping bees by drilling holes into stones, she helps our clients to get more attention through (event) PR.

When Isabelle is not helping bees by drilling holes into stones, she helps our clients to get more attention through (event) PR.

New Office at Klosterstraße

We had a wonderful start at the Wonder Women’s Coworking in Prenzlauer Allee. But no matter how often we counted - we always ended up having four tables and five people. So our boss Ela went office hunting and closed the deal on an awesome lofty office in Klosterstraße, right next to Alexanderplatz. The building itself is a bit rough around the edges but we like it that way. It’s somewhat reminiscent of pre investor times - before the poshness wave hit Berlin. Good old industrial style but with a hell of a wonderful view and lots of space. Rotes Rathaus, Französischer & Berliner Dom, Nikolai Kirche we can see it all directly from our desks and we love that change. With a lot of screen time every day it is such a welcome new asset to be able to let the eyes wander. So we found our perfect mixture of a lot of space, a wonderful view and a bit of down to earth GDR charm. There is some extra space for future colleagues left also. So don’t hesitate and join us!

Save the date: Office warming party will follow on August 8th!